10 Awesome Reasons to love & proud of your small breast

Women can do almost anything to get bigger boobs. They overthink about their breast size just like men think too much about their manhood. As teenagers, almost every woman has tried stuffing their bra with tissues or wearing padded and push up bras. There is no reason to feel bad if you wear an A or B cup bra. In fact, according to science, small boobs are awesome and it’s a thing to celebrate about. Here are some amazing reasons which will make you love your small boobs.

The smaller the boobs, the better will be sex!

According to a research, it was found that women having large breast size are 24% less sensitive when compared to women with small breast. During foreplay, small boobs are easy to stimulate as they have less fatty tissues. This means there will be more pleasure in bed.

No tension about sagging

As small boobs are lighter, the tissues won’t stress too much. Because of which women with small boobs will suffer less sagging.

You can wear any type of cloth

Choosing clothes becomes a lot easier for women with small breasts. The garments are not designed to accommodate big boobs, so it becomes difficult to find dresses that fit properly around the chest area. Women with small boobs don’t have to wear a bra all the time, they can wear any strappy top without worrying about the showing of bra straps.

Small boobs gives you better posture

As your front won’t weight your body down, you will have better posture. Big D cup breasts weight around 22 pounds, which causes back pain, headache and neck tension. Small boobs save you from all these pains.

You can workout without worrying too much about your front!

Women with small boobs can exercise and run with relative ease. As boobs won’t get in their way while exercising and they can fully concentrate on their workout without the tension of unwanted jiggling.

The risk of breast cancer is less

This is one of the biggest reason to love your tiny boobs, it saves your life. Small breast prevents breast cancer, as there are only a few layers to go through, detecting lump becomes easier.

Small boobs make you look young!

Having small boobs while being older is something to appreciate. Perky, flat chest makes a woman look younger. As large boobs sag over time due to weight, small boobs don’t. This makes you look young and beautiful. Tell a guy that you are four years younger and he will never get to know.

Small breast keeps sexist men away

With an ample cleavage, it becomes difficult to talk with men as they keep on looking at your cleavage every now and then making you feel uncomfortable. Whereas with small boobs, you don’t have to worry about this, men will talk to your face instead of your chest. The best part is that your guy will love you for who you are and not just for your big boobs.

Saves a lot of money on undergarments

While all your busty friends struggle with clasps that pinch, tight straps, and painful underwiring, you just roam around comfortably. With small boobs, you don’t have to wear a bra all the time, and hence you can save money in bra. Secondly, not wearing a bra is so much comfortable, you can go out without worrying about jiggling and poky nipples.

Small boobs lets you lie in any position

It can be really uncomfortable for a woman with big breast to lie on her stomach, whereas a woman with small boobs can easily sleep in this position. With small boobs, you can do yoga pose comfortably and it also becomes easy to lie while getting a massage.

Life becomes so much easy for a girl with small perky boobs. To look beautiful, you don’t need to go for the breast implant. No wonder why many women with large boobs wish that they had smaller boobs. There are many men who find small breast more sexy and natural. Just love yourself, no matter what size your boobs are.

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