Does Woman Want Foreplay over Sex? Advantages of Sensational Sex

Does Woman Want Foreplay over Sex? Advantages of Sensational Sex  

Sex is great, but you can’t deny the fact that it cannot beat foreplay. Foreplay is more intimate and way sexier than sex. We often overlook foreplay as sex is what we want at the end. Here are some reasons which prove that foreplay is way better than just having sex.

Making out becomes more comfortable after foreplay!

Yes, this is true. Not being wet enough is one of the issues women face during sex and it makes them uncomfortable. When foreplay is done right you won’t need any bottle of lube.  Foreplay turns on women easily and resolves the lubrication problem, Woman’s vagina naturally gets lubricated with a right amount of stimulation.This makes sex experience great for both man and woman.  

It makes orgasm easier

Honestly, unless our partner is a sex god, we don’t orgasm every time we make out. With foreplay, orgasm becomes easier, as it produces hormones and does half of the work before sex by bringing us closer to achieving big pleasure.

Foreplay helps in multitasking

In sex, our moments are limited to few body parts only. Whereas in foreplay, at a time your partner can pleasure you in more than one part of the body. This means that the pleasure will be double and hence chances to orgasm will be more.

Foreplay doesn’t follow repetition

When couples are in a steady relationship, they often develop sexual routines. Although there are a variety of sex positions which one can try, but after a certain period of time this positions become repetitive and hence, sex becomes boring. Foreplay is entirely different, it is less likely to get repeated. Foreplay adds new sexual dimensions by increasing the love between couples.

Foreplay helps you to know more about your partner’s body

Intimacy is not all about penis inside a vagina, it is about touching, kissing and exploring more about each other. Foreplay helps your partner to understand what turn you on and what are your sensitive areas.  The more you touch each other, the more you learn about each others body and the better will be sex.

It makes sex more enjoyable!

We easily get turned on by foreplay. According to biology, when a person is turned on the blood flows to his pleasure zone which excites the person. In men, when the tube like interior in the penis engorges with blood, it becomes erect. The same happens with clitorises, as the blood flows it becomes swollen and more sensitive. This makes the person erotic and increases the pleasure while making out.

Foreplay builds up the chemistry between couples

Foreplay not only makes the sex better but also helps to bring your partner closer by building up the heat. Instead of directly going for sex, foreplay warms up each other by taking time and make you comfortable with your partner. It helps to build the confidence level and make you feel taken care of and safe both physically and emotionally. It builds the emotional connection and makes you love more partner more.

No tension of pregnancy

In foreplay the penis remains outside the vagina, hence the semen won’t meet ovaries. So you don’t have to think about getting pregnant and can enjoy foreplay without any tension.

Size doesn’t matter in foreplay

This is one of the biggest advantages of foreplay for men. Your girl won’t care about your penis size if you are good with your fingering techniques. So don’t worry about your size and master other techniques to pleasure your girl.

No worry about getting sore in foreplay

If it’s a toss between 50 minutes of cuddling and kissing with 50 minutes of hard sex any girl will choose the first option only. No matter how long the foreplay goes you don’t get sore. Plus you enjoy this time and build the connection with your partner without suffering from any pain.

When you are horny and all you want to do is rip off clothes, foreplay may feel like a hassle, but you can’t deny the fact that is a sexy warm up and important to heat up the environment. With foreplay, you can have satisfying and better sex that will blow your mind. Foreplay helps to improve your sexual life and of course your connection with your partner. So next time you are going to intercourse, don’t forget foreplay!

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