Love Making after a Fight: Foolish Decision or a Great Idea

Love Making after a Fight, Love Making,

Do not you think it is a common thing to have differences in a relationship? Every couple goes through their share of differences, when dealing with certain issues difference of opinion is a common thing to happen. Most of the couples tend to resort this difference by making love and letting it out. But, is this really a great way to sort things out? Can really making love can sort everything out between two people? Let us know what psychologists think
about it. For people practicing it, it will seem to be the best and the easiest way out. Is the entire act worthwhile? In the long run, the game is all about compatibility, trust, and true love and not just about lovemaking. But in the shorter term, it is suppose to be beneficial as well. Not all the things can be sorted with love making, but at least the level of anger and difference can be brought down to a major extent. Here are a few reasons lovemaking can be great, after an argument.

The first thing will be the release of feel good chemicals like serotonin and oxycontin. These chemicals are released when you start lovemaking. Therefore, for a short period of time you feel good about the thing and forget the quarrel. The second benefit can be the joy of lovemaking and being close to your partner makes you do away with the grudge and ego. It lightens up the food, thus making it easier for both of you to sort things out.

Another benefit cab be the fact that lovemaking will momentarily make you forget even bigger issue like marital differences, discord because of family etc. That can hamper your relationship with your partner.

For some time forget the reasons for differences in the relationship. Your decision capabilities are relaxed for some time. This happens because of the sexual desires overtake your mind. A number of chemicals make it difficult to take up a harsh decision.

On the other hand, if you take up the psychologist’s perspective, they warn you against lovemaking after a serious argument. The best thing is to just sit and relax. Think for a few moments and then clarify the situation.

Though differences never get sorted just because you feel like everything is sorted after making love. For pettier issues, probably this can help you out for some time. However, if your relationship hits the rocks, passionate and intense acts in the bedroom cannot be enough to fill up the room. They can keep you occupied for some time, making you feel that the relationship is back on the right note. However, when it will come down to handle the highs
and lows, your issues and differences will all be at the same place.

So, next time you are thinking to make up out of this huge fight by making love to your partner. Before that just take out a few minutes to analyze the issue and probably talk it out. Always remember making love can be best for little arguments but not bigger issues.

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