To Wear Or Not Wear

To Wear Or Not Wear

They might heat up your privates and kill the sperms while sleeping, but the underwear certainly counters a lot of our enemies of the private parts. People should take it off while sleeping, but never abandon it fully. Here below are the reasons not to ditch the underwear in various situations.

Jump for joy:

Underwear should be worn while jumping or performing sprints. This is to counter the effects of getting hurt or taking blows in our private parts. Wearing underwear during such activities help prevent severe consequences.

Try it carefully:

While buying a new pair of pants, we try it on for the perfect fit in trial rooms for the store. But what people do not keep in mind is that the same pair might also have been tried on by customers before. This process could have acquired some bacteria or other microbes in the inner region of the pants. So without underwear, while trying on, people pretty much run the risk of acquiring those microbes in their crotch region. This might even flare up a minor infection if immunity is not strong at that time.

Repeat with caution:

When we repeat our pants for 2 successive days or more without washing them, this enhances the chance of bacteria building up inside it which has transferred from the private parts. Repeating is not forbidden unless it is accompanied with an underwear that helps to keep our privates safe from the risk of an infection or bad smell.

Skinny risk:

Now the fashion of skinny jeans is skyrocketing in trends, but here too, some precautions have to be taken. Skinny jeans actually increase the friction between the sensitive skin and rough fabric which may even cut the skin and hurt it badly. Also, the private parts may get crushed when people sit or squat in tight pants. Hence, here too, wearing underwear saves the day and going without it proves risky.

Long walks:

While taking long walks or any repetitive action involving the movement of crotch more often leads to the risk of chafing. So wearing underwear minimizes friction and thus protects our private parts yet again.

Sweaty mess:

While performing sweaty and laborious activities as running, aerobics, hitting the gym or anything in the same line, a lot of sweat is generated especially in the crotch region. This becomes a favorite and preferable breeding ground for dark and moisture-loving bacteria. So, wearing underwear, in fact, absorbs the sweat and helps to keep our private parts clean and hygienic.

Kick up a storm:

People, who are into martial arts, kick-boxing or weight lifting, perform a lot of kicks as part of their routine. This involves raising the legs with full force which generates shock for the private parts and also forces from different directions. Yet again, the underwear softens the friction and movement and saves the day.

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