what do friends with benefits do together

Friends with Benefits in short form FWB. What Does Friends with Benefits Really Really Entails? Some people think that “friends with benefits” means casual sex between friends, but do girls really benefit from these relationships?

They can be lots of pitfalls, but most people find a way to make it work out. Being friends with benefits is a fun, mutually beneficial relationship. Many of us can get drunk and hooked up with a person whom actually a friend.

One vital question that comes to the mind is, can a boy just be friends with a girl without having to dive into her knickers the first moment he gets? Well, the short answer to this rhetorical question is “no!” It is important to know that women have a bigger sense of how balanced their world is; boys most time do not get to control their actions and they should not be blamed for it because they follow the orders and the directions of the “little general” under their pants.

The “little general is a man’s penis and men are just like good soldiers who always follow the orders and instructions of this little general- when the little general says “charge!”, then the soldiers follow (men). It is imperative to know that most times, the outcome of the orders by the little general may prove fatal especially when the little man fits in the Married Company.

Nevertheless, it is not so difficult to fall for a new connection, but of course what about the “friend” hint? A friend is someone you can learn and develop trust in. A friend is someone you are compatible with, and you have much mutual connections with each other. When you are looking for FWB (Friends with Benefits) type of relationship, you are about to force the relationship into something that may not be befitting. Since it is much difficult to develop friendship with someone, it is also very difficult to cultivate friends with benefits with someone.

Why is this difficult? It is because, the benefit is sex and most times, it makes the matter more complex a little. For an FWB to work out very fine, the both of you have to be conversant with each other, and have a sense of what both of you are. Keeping a friends with benefits relationship and making it strong requires the both party to always communicate and also know what to expect in the relationship. Whether it feels comfortable and safe, or when difficulties arise, the ability for both parties to work things out is what will bring out the connection even though the relationship is at the expense of deriving benefits.

Moreover, no matter how the relationship is tagged, when you are attracted to someone sexually and this person is someone you care for, and while the feelings triggers, you build much trust with this person. No matter how you tag this relationship, it might get tricky. All in all, it is very difficult to get the best friendship that is based on sexual relation guided by a system that has to be invented as the both of you go on in the relationship. Or you may have started a relationship and trying to initiate sex with it, where does the friendship really fits in? This means putting the benefits above all.

On a final note, this is not to say FWB arrangement can’t be possible in any relationship, but when you want a FWB relationship with someone that you don’t really know well, it can result to stress and expectations on a nascent relationship.

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